All just a coincidence – right?

We just got home from spending the weekend with friends and family in Kansas City.

Bought a trailer today from some people on Craigslist. It’s a used trailer that they purchased from someone else several years ago.  They bought it on 9/28/2004.

These people live about ten minutes from where we used to live.  They live less than ten minutes away from the hospital I was admitted to in September of 2004.  I went into the hospital on Sept.28th, 2004.  The experience I share in my books, “A Greater Tomorrow,” and “The Time is Now, ” occurred at this hospital on Sept 28-29th of 2004.

So, just a coincidence, right?  The very first time I was shown the trailer we would one day own was on 9/28/2004.  The exact same day these people bought it from the previous owner.

On September 28, 2015 it will be exactly 11 yrs. since that transpired.  Amazing. Truly amazing how the Lord orchestrates His plan.  Surreal. Also a bit sobering.  In some ways quite exciting.

So what else has happened historically on these dates?  September 27, 28, 29th?

And Sept. 14, 15, 22, and 23?

What are we looking at this year?  A Change is Coming.

We are getting very close.