An Invitation…

Would like to invite all those who have attended my speaking events or who have listened to any of my radio interviews etc., to email me a copy of their notes.  I have not had time to listen to any of the shows personally, and have not had an opportunity to read very many of the notes that people have taken – several of which have and are going around the internet etc.

It would be terrific if you could share your notes with me. 🙂  Please feel free to email me at your convenience. I am working on another project and it would be helpful to have them and it would be nice to personally have a copy of notes that have been taken so that I can now go back and look at them and reflect on the year and some of the things I have actually said!  🙂  Would love to have them for my own personal records/journal etc.

Additionally, as many of you know, for the most part, we requested that no video or audio recordings be done during my speaking engagements.  I know that many of you went ahead and recorded anyway.  At this time I am also requesting that if you did record anything, that you please send me a copy of what you have recorded.  If you know of someone who took notes or who recorded something, but you are not the one who did the recording, or you are not comfortable letting me know it was you or where you got it from, that is okay too. Just sent it to me anonymously if you prefer.

Please be kind and considerate in your comments and emails to me and understand that I am not in a position to personally email everyone back and thank you individually, but I do want you to know that I appreciate you and am grateful to you for your kindness in sharing what you have recorded as well as anything else you would like to share with me regarding your experiences in either listening to the interviews, reading the books, or attending the speaking engagements.  I would ask that you please refrain from negative comments etc., and share uplifting messages.

Thanks so much!

Please email them to:

—  Julie