Hi Friends!

Are you ready to clear past Karma? Learn about Multiple Probations?
Clear trapped energies that have been causing you mental, emotional and physical pain for decades????


Come to my Julie Rowe In-Person Group Energy class in Provo,Utah this Saturday, Jan. 30,2021!!!!  

You don’t want to miss this. You will see monumental shifts in your energies. Your gifts will open up! You will notice huge shifts in your consciousness !!

Mark my words! This will be a LIFE changing – SOUL changing experience. I promise you will come away with greater knowledge and understanding at unprecedented levels !!!!

Most people are at 2 strand DNA. We will be raising energy vibrations of your core energies to help you increase your DNA strands and flip the lower vibration energies to higher vibrations.

Sign up now to come to my once in a life time HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT life altering class.

Free yourself from the chains of addiction, poverty, heartache, and a multiplicity of plagues and other heart wrenching life sucking energies!!!  

You can sign up on my Acuity Scheduling page at

My early bird special ends on Sunday. It’s just $300 for 7 hours of class but included in this class is also two weeks of energy clearings by proxy every two hours for two weeks following class.

This is a steal!! If you’ve ever had a session you know what a good deal this is !!!  I just want to help you !!

Give it a shot ! What have you got to lose? You can come to the class and possibly heal and improve or you can skip class and continue in pain and sickness feeling stuck that no one has the answers you seek or the help you need.

You decide. I’m offering my services to any and all who want to participate.

Sending you love and light !

Julie Rowe”