As the Gods Look Down

Hello everyone! Julie asked me to post this poem written by her friend David Rogers. Enjoy!

Upon the barrens of a once fresh world

The concerns of God and man unfurled

To reveal at once and then over again

The forms of sin that e’er plague men

As trumpets blare and hearts do strain

To fathom then deliverance or pain

Of a world to change in the blink of an eye

From fair blue pleasures to burning sky

And angels in concourse swiftly descend

To save the chosen from bitter end

As nature chimes in terrible voice

To reward mankind for foolish choice

Thus Heaven’s call will one day sound

Announcing judgment the world around

And those whose sight has grown so dull

Will find their cups of wrath run full

Though rains of mercy yet will fall

To cleanse the souls that heed the call

Of angel whispers in soul and ear

Thus tribulation they need not fear

For feet that stand in holy places

With purer hearts and upturned faces

To hear the Word the Lord doth give

Will yet rejoice and in faith live

The clash of eons comes to a head

Where truth survives and deceit fails dead

And paths of error are made true straight

As redemption no longer deigns to wait

And soon the skies alight with power

Receive the Christ in that final hour

While voices in chorus are heard to say

Oh bring, oh bring the perfect day

As the Gods look down to see the end

Of time and error by the mend

To deem the work as truthful good

Thus life begins as it one day should