Royal Bloodlines

If you haven’t taken a look yet, please visit our recent podcast on Royal Bloodlines. You can also view my doctrinal notes and sources for this episode on my blog.

New Podcast

Please check out our latest podcast announcing some upcoming events and touching on some important subjects.

A Pure Heart…

“A pure heart is the end of all religion and the beginning of divinity.” James Allen – From the chapter, “Saints, Sages, and Saviors: The Law of Service” in the book, From Poverty to Power.

Pursue Your Course Bravely

To grow in self-control, in patience, in equanimity, is to grow in strength and power; and you can only thus grow by focusing your consciousness upon a principle. As a child, after making many and vigorous attempts to walk unaided, at last succeeds, after numerous falls, in accomplishing this, so you must enter the way of power by first attempting …

The God of Self

“You may easily know whether you are a child of Truth or a worshiper of self, if you will silently examine your mind, heart, and conduct.  Do you harbor thoughts of suspicion, enmity, envy, lust, pride, or do you strenuously fight against these?  If the former, you are chained to self, no matter what religion you may profess; if the …