Podcast Links to The Julie Rowe Show

Podcast links to The Julie Rowe Show iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-julie-rowe-show/id1242315229 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4RTtQo8f6hu_DviYfu5IhA PodOmatic: http://julierowe.podomatic.com/

Have You Heard????

Have you heard???? “My cousins’ brother’s uncles’s sister’s grandpa’s friend said that Julie Rowe is buying up a bunch of land and people are gathering in Kansas” “Really?” “That’s what I heard.” “Well I heard people were gathering in Utah.” “I heard she lived in Utah” “I heard she lives in Texas.” “I heard she lives in Arizona” “I heard …

Just Released More Podcasts on Podomatic and You Tube!

Just wanted to let you know we have just released several more podcast recordings on Podomatic and You Tube. We decided that rather than wait to release them we would go ahead and make them public to get as much information out there as soon as possible. So far I have recorded 8 podcasts and we are working diligently to …

Releasing More Podcasts!

Excited to let you know that we have decided to release more podcasts. After discussing things with my team, we have decided that we will release a new podcast every Wednesday and Friday morning rather than just on Friday mornings. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response on this first podcast and I thank you for that! Thank you so …

Podcast now up on Podomatic!

Excited to let you know we now have the podcast up on Podomatic! Search for the Julie Rowe Show on podomatic.com The first one is titled “The Wasatch Wakeup” The second one will be released this coming Weds. morning at 8:05 am Central. It is titled “Signs in the Heavens” I hope you enjoy them! — Julie