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Just a reminder that Julie is teaching a group energy class on Monday, July 6,2020 at 6-8 pm MST. To register go to her acuity scheduling page. Views: 407

Infiltration In the Church?

Free labor by millions of people who trust their leaders and trust that whatever they ask is inspired and is in their best interest for their spiritual and physical safety. This is abuse!!! Is the LDS church sharing data with FEMA? Views: 1,017

Julie Rowe Speaks Up

So I’ve done about 50 hours or more of media interviews on and off the record in an effort to help with this case and combined media (KSL, KUTVB, Fox 10,Fox 13,People Magazine, Inside Edition, Nancy Grace, ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Kansas City Star, East Idaho News, and others) and combined they have only broadcast about ten minutes …

Doctrines of Ascension Vol. 2

Doctrines of Ascension Volume 2 is now live on Amazon!! We invite you to get a copy now and read these important essays for yourself. This book features new authors, unpublished material, and a special poem on the doctrine of Multiple Probations. Views: 595

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Please Please register for Julie’s next Zoom class on June 22nd. It will be worth your time! See you soon! Views: 451

June 22, Group Energy Class

Please post another announcement reminder on all social mediaJust a reminder Julie will be teaching a group energy class on Zoom on Monday night June 22,2020 from 7-9 pm Central time. Please go to acuity scheduling to register for this class. Views: 446