We invite you to listen to our latest podcast, Excommunication. You can also view my blog post on the same subject, which is more of a narrative of the same material discussed in the podcast. Those wishing to comment on this topic may do so on my blog. Many of the events taking place right now have happened at another …

Re-Releasing #65

Today we are re-releasing Podcast #65, Abuse and the Atonement.

Boise / San Diego Class Coupons

For those who would like to attend the energy classes in Boise on September 14, or San Diego on October 19, Julie is offering the following early bird registration coupon codes. Just enter them during registration to redeem a $175 discount. EARLYBIRDBOISE (expires August 1, 2019) EARLYBIRDDIEGO (expires September 1, 2019)

Boise / San Diego

Julie asked me to open her energy classes in Boise and San Diego up for registration and to announce it here on her blog. You can register here or below. Please notify any of your family or friends living in those areas who have an interest in energy work so they take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks, and best wishes! …