The Julie Rowe Show Volume 1

The Julie Rowe Show debuted in 2017 and quickly blossomed into one of the nation s most
popular podcasts. Program host Eric J. Smith guided best-selling author Julie Rowe through
60 episodes that covered various aspects of Julie s near-death experiences and what she has
been shown regarding future events. Those episodes are now available in this six-volume
collection. Volume One contains the transcripts of the following podcasts:
1. Wasatch Wakeup and The Big One
2. Signs in the Heavens
3. Spiritual Gifts
4. Overpowering Evil
5. Getting to Know Julie Rowe
6. What I See in the Western States
7. What I See in the Southwest U.S.
8. The Gathering and GTRF
9. Learning of Christ
10. The Gathering: Safety in the Callout


A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil

In 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse. While in a weakened state, her spirit left her body and entered the Spirit World. An ancestor named John greeted her and showed her many wonderful places there. He also allowed her to read from the Book of Life, which showed her a panorama of the earth’s past, present, and future. . . read more

The Time Is Now

In this new volume, Julie focuses on giving additional details about the future events she shown, and how we can best prepare for them.  Julie shares what she saw concerning the hastening of the Lord’s work, the power of family history and temple work, spiritual and temporal preparations for the future . . . read more

From Tragedy To Destiny

During her time in the Spirit World, Julie met several of the Founding Fathers of the United States. They expressed their worries about the country’s eroding moral fabric, and she promised to share their counsel and warnings when she returned to earth… read more