A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond the Veil

Greate_tomorrow_big_buyIn 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse. While in a weakened state, her spirit left her body and entered the Spirit World. An ancestor named John greeted her and showed her many wonderful places there. He also allowed her to read from the Book of Life, which showed her a panorama of the earth’s past, present, and future.

Julie saw the lives of many historical figures, such as Adam and Eve, Enoch, Noah, and Moses. She witnessed the Savior’s mortal life, including his crucifixion and resurrection. She also saw the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith, and the key events that have led to the Church’s growth.

Then Julie was shown upcoming world events that will be both tragic and glorious. She saw earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, plagues, and wars, but she also witnessed how the Lord is watching over His people and is preparing places of refuge to protect them from the coming calamities. Julie was filled with joy as she saw the Saints establish the New Jerusalem and other Cities of Light in preparation for the Savior’s Second Coming.

Prior to her return, she was told that at a future time she would be expected to tell others about her experience. That time has come.

As you read Julie’s experience, your life will be changed as you feel the Lord’s love and concern for each of us.

Excerpts: The Lake, Heavenly Father’s Plan

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Table of Contents For A Greater Tomorrow

CHAPTER ONE: The Day I Left My Body
CHAPTER THREE: The City of Light
CHAPTER FIVE: The Book of Records
CHAPTER SIX: Mansions in Heaven
CHAPTER EIGHT: The Window of Heaven
CHAPTER NINE: Earthly Cities of Light
CHAPTER TEN: Destructions, Famines, and Plagues
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Foreign Troops in America
CHAPTER TWELVE: Adam-ondi-Ahman
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: New Jerusalem and the Living Water
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Second Coming and the Millennium
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: My Testimony of the Savior

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