From Tragedy To Destiny

In 2004, Julie Rowe was a happy wife and mother. Then her health took a turn for the worse, and she passed away and entered the Spirit World.

An ancestor named John greeted her there and showed her many wonderful places. He also allowed Julie to read from the Book of Life, which showed her a panorama of the earth’s past, present, and future. These scenes included the Savior’s mortal life, along with his crucifixion and resurrection.

During her time in the Spirit World, Julie met several of the Founding Fathers of the United States. They expressed their worries about the country’s eroding moral fabric, and she promised to share their counsel and warnings when she returned to earth.

Julie was then shown upcoming world events that will be both tragic and glorious. Earthquakes, famines, plagues, and wars are coming to the United States, but Julie saw how God is preparing places of safety to protect righteous people from the coming calamities. She was shown that after the turmoil, America will rise above these tragedies and fulfill its destiny as a bastion of freedom and liberty.

Throughout the book, Julie stresses that we must not delay our preparations for these coming troubles. These events are not far off, and From Tragedy to Destiny will help you be ready for what awaits America.

Julie Rowe was raised in a military family and has lived in many places across the world. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree and is a certified teacher. She and her husband Jeff have been married for nearly twenty years and are raising three children.

Table Of Contents For From Tragedy To Destiny

CHAPTER ONE:  On the Edge of the Veil
CHAPTER TWO:  Welcomed by John
CHAPTER THREE:  The City of Light
CHAPTER FOUR:  The Library
CHAPTER FIVE:  A Panorama of History
CHAPTER SIX:  The Life of Christ
CHAPTER SEVEN:  The Founding Fathers
CHAPTER EIGHT:  My Life Review
CHAPTER NINE:  The Window of Heaven
CHAPTER TEN:  Finding Places of Safety
CHAPTER ELEVEN:  Natural Disasters Begin
CHAPTER TWELVE:  Plagues and Sicknesses
CHAPTER THIRTEEN:  The U.S. Government Implements Martial Law
CHAPTER FOURTEEN:  Foreign Troops Invade the United States
CHAPTER FIFTEEN:  God’s People Will Defend Their Liberty
CHAPTER SIXTEEN:  The Savior’s Second Coming
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN:  My Return to Earth
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN:  Becoming Spiritually Prepared for the Future
CHAPTER NINETEEN:  Be Temporally Prepared Before the Troubles Begin
CHAPTER TWENTY:  My Testimony of the Savior
APPENDIX:  The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund

This book includes material that appeared in the author’s previous books, A Greater Tomorrow, and The Time is Now.  However, much of that content has been condensed or revised so that the author could include never before published anecdotes and other pertinent information.