The Time Is Now

Time_now_big_buyJulie Rowe’s first book, A Greater Tomorrow, told of her near-death experience in 2004. During her visit to the Spirit World, she was shown a panorama of the earth’s history and future. In this new volume, Julie focuses on giving additional details about the future events she was shown, and how we can best prepare for them.

Julie shares what she saw concerning:

  • The hastening of the Lord’s work
  • The power of family history and temple work
  • Spiritual and temporal preparations for the future
  • The gathering of the righteous to places of safety
  • Upcoming natural disasters across the earth
  • Plagues and sicknesses that will strike
  • The implementation of martial law
  • Foreign troops arriving in the United States
  • The Elders of Israel defending their liberty
  • Life in New Jerusalem
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Throughout the book, Julie stresses that we must not delay our preparations. These events are not far off, and The Time is Now will help you be ready for what awaits us.

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Table of Contents for The Time Is Now

CHAPTER ONE: The Lord’s Prophets Have Spoken
CHAPTER TWO: The Hastening of the Work
CHAPTER THREE: The Power of Family History and Temple Work
CHAPTER FOUR: Don’t Delay Getting Your Life in Order
CHAPTER FIVE: Spiritual Preparations Before the Gathering
CHAPTER SIX: Temporal Preparations Before the Gathering
CHAPTER SEVEN: Church Leaders Will Prepare the Saints
CHAPTER EIGHT: The Prophet’s Invitation to Gathering
CHAPTER NINE: Daily Life in the Three Types of Camps
CHAPTER TEN: Natural Disasters Across the Earth
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Plagues and Sicknesses
CHAPTER TWELVE: The U.S. Government Implements Martial Law
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Foreign Troops Arrive on U.S. Soil
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Saints Gather into Larger Groups
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Elders of Israel Defend Their Liberty
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Life in the New Jerusalem
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: The Second Coming of the Savior

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