Eric’s Recent Blog Post

Hi friends. Julie asked me to provide a link to my recent blog post here. It touches on the doctrine of multiple probations that she and I have occasionally mentioned in podcasts, but more importantly witnesses of Christ and Father’s exalted glory, and why some differences exist among God’s children. Thank you for letting me share that post here Julie, …

Notes for Tribulations 101

Hi there folks. The Tribulations are a scriptural and doctrinally intense topic, and it wasn’t possible to go through each of those scriptures in today’s podcast. Therefore I am posting the notes and scriptures that accompany it here. The Tribulations have been warned of by ancient and modern prophets, and as it draws near we hope you will take the …

Love is a silly thing

Love is a silly thing. When we love we put ourselves on the line and no matter the outcome we allow ourselves to be vulnerable Love conquers all Love endures love cherishes love seeks love serves love forgives love seeketh not her own love lasts because love saves Without love we are nothing and we have nothing

Hector was given to understand there would be a two day warning

I am to serve as a warning voice. Journal Entry for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. 4:48 a.m. Central time. 3:48 a.m. MST. “The Time is Now.” “Prepare” “The gates are opening and the war on terror is real.” “Come Listen to A Prophets Voice.” “Peace. Be Still. For Know that I am God.” “Tho the powers of darkness may prevail …

Planting a seed.

“We get strength through faith. We get faith as we plant a seed.” –Julie Rowe

Native American Wisdom

“I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply on himself.” — Lone Man (Isna la-wica) late 19th century. Teton Sioux