A Greater Tomorrow.

“We submit our will to the Lord’s and realize that all along, we could have had a greater tomorrow.” –Julie Rowe

“His way” is my way.

“I learned long ago that I am far better off doing it “His way,” then my way.  Because really, “His Way” is my way. I chose Him then and I choose Him now.” –Julie Rowe

We are…

“We are a people united. We are a people prepared. We are those who have been selected to break the chains and seal the hope.” –Julie Rowe

God lives by Eternal laws.

“Eternal laws are just that. They are Eternal. God didn’t design them, He lives by them and expects us to live by them as well.” –Julie Rowe

Not only willing, but wanting.

“We chose then, and we choose now.  We are accountable.  We accepted the plan and we said we were not only willing, but wanting.” –Julie Rowe

Faith = Safety

 “Where there is faith, there is safety.” –Julie Rowe


 “Why is it that we often think we are right, when in fact we are clearly blinded and unable to see the light? “ –Julie Rowe

Skeletons in the closet

“Skeletons in the closet. They’re like shackles that keep us from letting go and moving forward. To get rid of the skeletons, you have to clean out the closet.” — Julie Rowe