…a brighter day

“Where there is faith, there is a brighter day.” –Julie Rowe

“We are…”

“We are a people united. We are a people prepared. We are those who have been selected to break the chains and seal the hope.” –Julie Rowe

Why fit in?

“We are life’s greatest blessing.” –Julie Rowe


“We can take short cuts – and in the end we learn they weren’t shortcuts at all.” –Julie Rowe

Light, Hope and Strength

“Where there is light, there is hope.  When we have hope, we have strength.” –Julie Rowe

When we…

“When we choose to play the victim, we choose to blame. When we choose to blame, we choose to fail. When we choose to fail, we choose to reject the light.” –Julie Rowe

Upon Reaching the Light

“Upon reaching the light, I could see John and a few others standing there waiting for me. They greet me warmly and made sure I was all right. I was grateful to have escaped the darkness and was ready and willing to listen to them. They asked me if I was okay, and they reassured me I would be all …