Ever Learning…

Despite the calamities looming before us, we live in an amazing age. Technology has made it possible to travel to every major city on earth in less than a day or speak to someone halfway around the world, face-to-face in real time. Computer technology has also made unprecedented amounts of information available to us at the touch of a button. However, as the Apostle Paul predicted, even with such an abundance of knowledge, there is a tragic absence of truth.

Which is why I am inviting everyone I know to attend the First Annual Health Liberty Symposium in Las Vegas this coming May 16th & 17th. Speakers who have braved ridicule and harassment over their willingness to champion the cause of truth in health and modern medicine will be presenting on topics ranging from cancer options to healthcare strategies.


If you are anxious to prepare yourself, your family, and your loved ones physically, financially, and spiritually for the troubled times ahead, please click here and reserve your seat next to speakers, authors, doctors, and other professionals as they pull back the curtain on the healthcare monopoly. You will want to take copious notes as they present you with legitimate options your doctor won’t tell you about.

Come participate with others like you who are Preparing for a Greater Tomorrow by making their health a priority.

You can learn more and register by clicking here: http://www.hlsregistration.com/