Group Energy Class Announcement

Hello Friends,
On March 7th we announced discounts for a limited time to make attending Julie’s classes more affordable. Her primary motive for hosting these classes has been to help those who are eager to learn.
A concerning amount of feedback on these coupons and a prevailing sense of entitlement to Julie’s generosity has created an unmanageable amount of work.
The skills, techniques, and emotion Julie invests in her classes have come at an unmeasurable cost to her and to her family over the years. Recognizing the substantial value of her classes, she has decided to keep the costs as originally given to her and close all discounts as previously announced, with the exception of earlybird coupons, each which expire soon. Those who invest the effort to find those codes on her blog are free to use them while registering. We will not respond to any emails concerning group class discounts moving forward.
To those who are eager to learn and seek healing who have signed up already, we enthusiastically look forward to our time together in upcoming months. Best wishes!
Julie Rowe Energy Team