GTRF – One Year Milestone

We have reached a milestone!  As of November 13, 2016, The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund (GTRF) has been incorporated for one year as a 501(c)(3) organization.  The Board of Directors would like to publicly thank all of you who support the mission of this fund.  Your words of encouragement and contributions have been invaluable.  Many of you have felt prompted to set aside, or acquire with your own funds, items that can be used for relief.  To accomplish our goals, we will need your continuing support in all of these areas.  We admire you and are buoyed up by the faith and perseverance you show by example.  You are truly wonderful people!

During 2016, we have made important contacts and identified locations where we likely will need to provide supplies and places of refuge due to disasters and civil unrest.  Preparations have started but there are many supplies and other resources that are needed for these areas.  While traveling, we have met extraordinary people who have honest desires to help others.  We encourage everyone to seek for opportunities where you can help.  Small groups gathered together can accomplish much good.  If you and others in your area feel inspired to assemble relief supplies, continue with those preparations and let us know!

Our first year has been filled with many successes.  We celebrate those! We have also had some challenges, as all new organizations do, and are working through those with optimism and purpose.  We as a Board are committed to GTRF and its mission.  The days ahead will be very challenging and will require the prayers and best efforts of everyone.  Will there be difficulties? Of course, but with faith, and with your help, we are committed to do this work and service.

With Love and Gratitude  –  The GTRF Board of Directors

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