Heavenly Father’s Plan

From A Greater Tomorrow, page 13.

“We discussed how Heavenly Father had presented a plan for his children to return to Him.  Heavenly Father knew we could not progress unless we came to earth to learn, grow and be tested.  We needed to leave our premortal home to be tested and gain experience.

John reviewed The Plan with me. He talked about the Grand Council in Heaven, and how it was decided that we would come to earth to gain bodies.  We talked about the importance of the resurrection and how the Savior Jesus Christ had made it possible for all mankind to be resurrected. He said that through our faith and obedience to the Lord’s commandments, we could be saved by the power of the Atonement.

John reminded me that the Lord had provided the earth for us as a place where we could prove ourselves.  We were given agency to choose good or evil without the influence of the memory of living with our Heavenly Father.  This was a necessary part of the plan, so that we could learn to obey Him because of our faith in Him, not because of memories or knowledge of Him.  The Lord promised that He would help us to recognize truth when we heard it again on earth.

John  also talked to me more about the purpose of life and of our progression.  The Lord wants us to have joy.”

— Julie