Journal Entry for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016

Julie Rowe. Journal Entry for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016h. 2:37 am. Central Time. USA. Kansas.

“I was awakened from a deep sleep. Upon taking our dog out, and seeing the night sky, I was reminded of the significance of this night and the Super Moon. It was brought to my attention that I needed to record for both my personal records and my official records, words given to me at that moment.

For this purpose, I began writing that which came to my mind just before the moon set.

Here is what I have written:

“Peace. Justice. Honor. Mercy. Intelligence.
All in balance because of Grace.
The At One Ment is the only way.

The principles of Equity are United by the God head.

The Principles of Equity are put into balance by the GodHead.

The principles of Equity are enacted as inalienable rights based upon eternal principles of truth and righteousness.
The only way to enact these truths and
strengthen and fortify
these rights is to trust in
The Lord and have faith in
His plan.

The only way the Walls of Jericho will come down
and people will be loosed
from the bonds of inequity
and the bonds of
wickedness which deceive
and entrap the captives is
to recognize truth when
they see it and hear it and
feel it. And to recognize
true messengers on the
Lords errand rather than
false priests who oppress,
or messengers who claim
justice and mercy for all
without recognizing the
need for Christ.

The only way to get home
is by entering by the gate,
partaking of the fruit, and
rejecting the philosophies
of men

The only way to get home
is to gather with the Lords
elect and to choose to
The only way home is to
love. And to forgive. And
to choose to lose our
life for Christ’s sake.
Symbolically speaking.

The only way home is to
put our trust in the Plan.
The plan of hope. The plan
of love. The plan of
Salvation. The Plan of
redemption. The Plan of
Happiness. And thereby
the Plan of Joy.

The Plan of Joy can only
be found in creating a
place of safety. A place of
refuge. A place of light. A
place of gathering.

The Plan of Joy is a
Plan of Mercy.

The tribes of Israel are
returning and the lost
tribes will bring with them
additional records.
On these records we will
find we have been
deceived. We have been
duped. We have been
given a false sense of
security in believing that
the traditions of men will
save us.

And the philosophies of
Now mixed with scripture
will create a division

A sifting.
A separation.

And yet another chance for
each of us to choose to
yet again enter in at the

The gates are open.

The gates are closing.

Yom Kippur has come and gone.

Judgement is coming.

Are we ready?

For the Mountain of The
Lord is the temple and
upon his housetops he will
cleanse his church first.

Get ready for a rumble.
It is coming.

And God will not be mocked.

— Julie Rowe. Pomona, KS. Oct. 18, 2016. Central Standard Time. The United States of America.”