Julie Rowe Interview with Bryan Hyde – Wasatch Wake Up

Julie Rowe Interview with Bryan Hyde
Aired May 3, 2016

Bryan: Good afternoon and welcome to the show. If you are lucky enough to be tuned in today, even if you’re lucky enough to catch this later when I post it up as a podcast, this is going to be one of the best shows that you’ve listened to. That’s a promise. I have Julie Rowe on the telephone with me. Julie, thank you so much for joining with me on the HD radio show today.

I’ve been excited to talk to you for some time. I’m going to go into the “Way Back” machine for just a few minutes. Long time listeners of mine might remember a long time ago, 12-13 years ago, I had a very wonderful lady by the name of Sarah Menet come on my show, and she discussed a near death experience that she had, and some things that she learned as a result of that experience. Very profound. Some very life-changing things that took place. Julie has likewise had a near death experience that revealed some things to her that were very comforting and reassuring, and also some things which might be handy to know about events and things that are coming up, that are facing those of us here in mortal existence.

Julie, before I go any further, I want to give you a chance to introduce yourself, because I want people to understand that the conversation you and I are about to have, you did not send me a list of suggested questions and I did not send you a list of questions I would like to ask. I’m simply going to follow my heart and hopefully learn more from what you experienced. But what would you want people to know about you before we even start this conversation?

Julie: I just want to thank you for having me on. Before we get started, I need to make it really clear that, although before we connected on, and I was talking to you, I had a clear line, but I do not have a clear line right now, and so I need to ask for some additional help from those that could clear out the lines for us so we don’t have any interference on this. I just want to thank everyone for tuning in, wherever you are or wherever you may be if you decide to listen to this podcast in the future.

My understanding right now is this interview that I’m having with you Bryan, is the last opportunity I have to essentially publicly testify and witness of our Savior Jesus Christ, testify of His plan, and warn many of our brothers and sisters that there is a very imminent earthquake on the Wasatch Front. What I’ve been shown and told is this is my last opportunity to do a live interview before that earthquake is going to happen. After that earthquake happens, which is happening very soon, then I’m going to get hit by a whirlwind of media. So I want to thank you for the timeliness of this interview and for The Lord’s direction and orchestration in this. I know without a doubt that He is real and He is orchestrating not only me being able to facilitate and share the story that I have of my experiences, but also so many others. I see thousands of people coming forward in the future, witnessing and testifying of their own NDE’s, dreams, visions, and other personal revelations from on high.

Bryan: Okay. So now folks who are listening are understanding why I said this is going to be a show to remember. Julie, let’s begin with your near death experience. Tell us a little bit about the circumstances that led up to it, and then whatever you feel is most important to share that you learned as a result of it.

Julie: Okay. It’s so hard to sum that up, right? And we don’t have a lot of time. I could go on for days. I could honestly write volumes and volumes on just experiences I had in the hospital and on the other side. I was in a weakened state and going through a few different health issues but at the time did not know clearly what they were. I had different symptoms that I outlined in a couple of different books and in this most recent book From Tragedy to Destiny, but I don’t share everything in there that’s health-related, quite honestly Bryan, because I don’t think people would believe me if they heard what I was experiencing at the time and what I’ve experienced since. Not to take away from the experiences and blessings that I’ve been able to have as a result of those trials, but essentially, when I went into the hospital I was having a series of symptoms that I outline in the book, but I won’t get into all that because my mind will get distracted and start listing off all these different scenarios. I was admitted into the Emergency Room and into the hospital and I was there for initially just under a week the first time. A month later I was back in the hospital for two nights and three days at one hospital, then they sent me back to the original hospital I’d been at where they had the prior records, so I spent another five days there. I don’t talk about that second and third experience that I had in the book, but I do talk about the first one.

A couple of years ago when I went public with my story, I had several people asking of what I was shown and experienced, how much do I write about in my books? I took that question to The Lord and the answer that came back was, “Less than two percent.” To give people a perspective. So just because we experience things, however they come to us: dreams, visions, NDE’s, all of the above, or any kind of personal revelation or sacred information does not mean that we share that publicly.

I want to be very clear that The Lord does give dates sometimes when He needs us to know them, but that doesn’t mean that we share them. Yet I have been given permission to be very bold today to let you know that we have some very imminent things coming upon us within a matter of days. It can be a very overwhelming message, not just for me but I think for everyone. It’s a divisive message because it’s a sifting message. There’s a lot of reasons that were explained to me in September 2004 when I had my initial NDE, and it’s since been explained to me in other NDE experiences that I’ve had, and dreams and visions and personal revelation, as I’ve gone about the last over a decade now, of trying to understand what in the world it was, and where in the world I was when it happened…

Bryan: [interrupting] Julie can I ask you a quick question about your NDE? One of the common things I have heard among people who have experienced NDE’s is they come back with an absolute loss of fear concerning death, and I’m curious if that was your experience? For most people, and this is myself included, I’ve never seen the other side, but I do believe there is a spiritual reality there. I haven’t seen it, but the people who I have spoken to and the accounts I’ve read of NDE’s, it seems like to a person, that’s no longer a question, the fear is gone.

Julie: Right. I have zero fear of dying, in fact there have been days quite honestly I wish I could. That’s not uncommon either for people who have experienced that. The place we go to when we leave this earth is a realm, multiple realms, a realm so exquisite, so beautiful, so peaceful and so loving, that there is no fear there for me. In fact, I am forever grateful for The Lord’s plan that we get to come to mortality, but I long for home, and there is a homesickness there that I had before I even had my NDE that I didn’t necessarily recognize maybe fully, but since then it has been a daily battle for me to essentially want to remain on the earth in the sense of not having a will to die so much, although I’ve gone through that, it’s more of the knowing how good it is on the other side. Not that it’s not good on earth, right? It’s so beautiful and there really needs to be no fear of there.

The adversary is a fear-mongerer and that’s what they do, and much of that is because Satan and those that follow him can never have what I saw.

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Bryan: …What was it Julie, 2004, was that when your experience took place?

Julie: Yes, September 28th and 29th of 2004. I was on the other side for a little over two days.

Bryan: You mentioned that among the things that you saw, one of the events that was shown to you was an earthquake that would affect the Wasatch Front particularly. Can we talk about that?

Julie: Right. I actually saw numerous earthquakes in the Utah-Idaho area, but particularly what I refer to, because they’ve told me this on the other side, the “Wasatch Wake-Up Earthquake,” which for a long time those on the other side, ministering angels and those that are some of my guardian angels, have been letting me know that that earthquake was “soon,” and about a week and a half, two weeks ago that message changed to “imminent.” So we’ve gone from soon to imminent. Now obviously that’s relative in The Lord’s time, right? Because He doesn’t keep time the same way we do here linearly, but what I see is that is literally imminent as in it could be any day. It’s very surreal to be at this point.

A lot of people will say, “Hey we made it through the big one,” when in fact that’s not true. This is literally a wake-up call early in the morning as I see it. I posted some on my blog. I was finally given permission from The Spirit a couple of days ago, about last week, to post more details. If you go to Julie Rowe Prepare dot com, you can see there are several things posted there but one is titled, probably two weeks ago, “The Wasatch Wake Up.” So there’s one called, “The Wasatch Wake-Up” and one about five or seven days later that says, “What is the Wasatch Wake Up?” I encourage everyone listening now or listening later, go to those and see what I was able to say. I was given those words and it was hard because I wanted to say more, but was not given permission from The Spirit to do that. That will be of help to some. I encourage anybody in Utah especially, some in Idaho but Utah especially along the Wasatch, if you have any kind of mirrors or things above your bed, things that could, you know, you’re asleep at 4, 4:30, 5 in the morning, and you were to be awakened with shaking, you would minimize anything that might fall and bump you on the head or something like that.

Bryan: What were some of the things that you observed in terms of the amount of damage? I mean, if this is a wake up, I’m guessing that this would not be an all-out, off-the-charts kind of quake.

Julie: Right. So what I see is, depending on where you are, the epicenter and what’s being reported, is a 6.6 to a 7, the epicenter being in Salt Lake, centralized at the U of U and the hospital up there. As it goes out from there, with different shifting on the fault lines, anywhere from a 5.5 to a 5.6 directly on the Wasatch. You go into Sanpete, up the Rexburg area, into Cache valley and down where you are [St. George], you’re going to feel that. The tremors would be lighter, but if you get a 3.5, 4.5 you’re still going to feel that pretty well compared to what you’re used to.

Bryan: When you talk about a wake up, there are literal wake ups like “I’m awake now in bed,” and wondering why the room is shaking, but there’s also more of a figurative wake up aspect to this as well. What are people needing to wake up to as a result of this quake?

Julie: The state of the Union. The state of our Constitution and The Land of the Free, that is, no longer are we really a free people and pretty soon here, by cunning designs of the adversary and those that work with him on this planet, they are very soon going to enact some of those plans that they’ve been planning for decades, to enslave the American people in ways that are actually unimaginable. Everything from so-called debtors prisons to different types of encampments and eliminations and things that we see similar to past wars on this earth and then some.

So, this is a wake up call for those on the Wasatch and really worldwide but especially of those of the LDS faith and others on the Wasatch front. The Lord loves all of His children, and He will do everything He can to wake us up and get us to repent and come back to Him, and then it’s just time for a cleansing. People don’t like to hear that, but that’s the truth. The earth is absolutely sick and sad with the amount of toxins, pollutions and sadness and wickedness that’s been frustrated upon this earth, and it’s time to be cleansed.

Bryan: It’s timely because we were having quite a conversation yesterday on particularly the state of America, the corruption that is endemic within in our highest leadership, and the fact that the people right now are pretty much separated from any type of meaningful control over those who say that they represent us. One of the questions that came up was, “What are we supposed to do, what’s got to happen here?” My response is, “We’re going to have to be humbled,” and ultimately I believe a divine intervention of some sort is going to have to take place but that won’t come until we have been humbled enough to ask for it and to merit it.

Julie: I agree with you 100%. The Lord will have a humble people, and either we can humble ourselves or we will be humbled, and what I see is a combination of both, depending on where we are in that spectrum. Every knee will bow, and within about a decade, this world’s going to look very different from how it looks right now, and I’m looking forward to when we get through the tribulations that we are entering into here, and get into the other side and we have a beautiful new earth and a greater tomorrow. That’s the title of my first book: A Greater Tomorrow, the second one The Time is Now, and the most recent one From Tragedy to Destiny outlines the tragedy of what’s happened upon this planet, specifically in the United States, and us not following the Constitution, and allowing our freedom to be stripped from us due to our wicked choices, and the wicked choices of other people.

But being able to take our lives back, literally, and accept accountability where we need to be accountable and repent. Nobody likes that word when they know they need to repent, but it truly is a gift that The Lord has given, a chance to wake up and get our lives in order because, if you read in the Book of Revelations and other books of scripture, we’re looking at a good two-thirds of the earth passing to the other side in the near future. That’s staggering. That means there’s not a single person on this planet who will not lose a loved one to death, myself included. I have been shown I am losing a large majority of friends and family to other missions and it’s painful, even knowing what I know. It’s painful, but what I do know and testify of is that premortally, we accepted this plan and we helped design our individual plan, and that gives me comfort when I think about the choice I made in the last few years to go public with my story, and people criticizing that and falsely accusing, and calling me crazy or whatever, I own it and I want to make that clear on the record, I own it 100%. I know I’m not crazy, in fact I know it comes from being in tune, and the more in tune we are with the love of our Father in Heaven, the easier this gets for us. It doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.

Bryan: You’ve already partially answered the next question I wanted to ask you, which was: When you talk about things like this, when you share this information, and those just joining us need to understand you were told, “don’t share this until the appropriate time,” but once you share it, you pay a price for sounding what I’m understanding is a warning voice, an encouragement to people to get it together and get focused on what really matters. Tell us a little about the price that you currently pay for having spoken about this. You say that there’s been a lot of media activity and opposition. Isn’t it great being famous? (I’m being sarcastic).

Julie: (laughs) Some have said that’s why I’m doing this but apparently they haven’t read the hit pieces online because anyone who wants to be labeled “crazy” in that job and a myriad of other names that have come my way, truthfully, that’s the least of my worries. If people could see what I see on both sides of the veil, they would understand why I’m doing this. Because, when you have a face-to-face with the guy that leads this opposition, it’s a little bit more motivating to keep going and getting the message out, because you realize that the threat is real and the threat is imminent.

And who in the world cares that a 43-year-old middle age woman in the Midwest is telling somebody that she went and saw Heaven. Who cares, right? What is the big threat? Well I am not the threat. It is the truth that is a threat to the dark side and it always has been and always will be, and I witness and testify that this is real, and anybody on either side of the veil that is telling you or anybody else otherwise, they’re lying to you. I have seen it with my own eyes, I see it regularly with my own eyes, the whole spectrum. The light and the dark. When you see good things… you can’t choose what you see, right? Because you have certain spiritual gifts. You take them as it was designed in your plan and as I speak for myself that way, that’s a very big burden that I’ve carried and others who experience this know exactly firsthand exactly what I’m talking about.

Bryan: I want to give you the opportunity to make something very clear here. You do not speak for the leadership of the LDS church, correct?

Julie: Right, I don’t speak for the LDS church or any other church or denomination or political affiliation. I am completely independent in my message of my story, sharing my experience, and that’s what this message is for: it’s for all of The Lord’s children of every faith and denomination and any believer or non-believer. I am to witness and testify of Christ, I’m to share my witness and my warning voice, and although I am active LDS, our prophets and apostles are true prophets and apostles for the LDS church and they have stewardship to lead and guide the church. I am an additional witness as evidenced when you study in all the books of scripture, I encourage all people to go look at the patterns established. Everything from Lehi leaving Jerusalem when Jeremiah was the prophet, to Samuel the Lamanite, to, there’s so many, and even many of the women who were given gifts of the Spirit to witness and to testify. In the Book of Mormon, the story of Lamoni and Alma the Younger; they were not originally… they were not prophets and apostles in the sense that we have leaders of the church today, they were separate, additional witnesses of Christ and His plan.

Bryan: There have been questions that have arisen since you released your first book and since you started speaking publicly about this, about, “The church has slapped a gag order on her” or “She’s been told not to talk about these things.” What is your status? Have you been disciplined? Have you been gagged?

Julie: Nope. The only person that’s ever tried to gag me is Satan.

Bryan: Which is understandable, given your subject matter.

Julie: And the people that work with him on this side of the veil or the other, there’s plenty. I’ve had plenty of threats made on my life, more than once. Honestly, people wouldn’t believe it because they’d think I was trying to be dramatic so I’m not even going to… I’m not going to bear testimony of him, I’ll just say I have not ever. I am in good standing. In fact, I don’t think it’s okay for people to use their religion or their so-called worthiness to try to pass any kind of message because that’s not how The Lord does it, so I don’t want to get into that so much other than to say that, that is a false accusation and a lie, and that is coming from the adversary and those that work with him, to try to make people afraid who are reading my books or to listen to the radio show or whatever.

We look at the fruits of the individual or the organization to see if there is a light or the dark and to what degree of light or dark, and just because we’re afraid of a message doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong message, it could be that, fear comes circling in so it’s true, and they’re making us afraid because they don’t want us to wake up and realize that it’s true because then we’re on to them. Truth can be painful, right? When we wake up. Look at the story of the Garden of Eden, and the beauty that’s come from that, but the pain that was initiated when their eyes were uncovered and their eyes were opened after the fall. There’s still all kinds of false accusations and there’s going to be more, and I’m not spending my time and energy chasing after all of the lies and liars and the false accusers because you don’t see other people who are trying to send a message of light doing that. That’s exactly what the adversary wants, is for me to waste all of my time and energy doing that so I can’t do the good things that I’m supposed to be doing.

Bryan: You just have to take the shots and keep on telling the truth, right?

Julie: I signed up for it, and I have a very clear vision and memory of not only agreeing to it, but helping design the plan and the role I would play, and I literally have a memory, and I’ve been shown it more than once, of jumping up and down and practically begging The Lord for the opportunities to do this, and He took me up on it.

Bryan: Again, for those who may just be joining us, specifically we’re talking about a wake up earthquake that is imminent. Could I press you for some more details? Is that something you would feel comfortable discussing, to talk about more of what you were shown?

Julie: Sure. Yes. And anything I can’t answer, meaning I don’t know it, I’ll let you know if I don’t know it. If anything I can’t answer because The Spirit’s telling me that it’s not a smart idea to share it, either for my personal safety or personal protection or someone else’s, then I’ll just let you know that. Otherwise I will answer as directed by the Spirit. I’ve been accused of side-stepping conversations and questions, and those who are in tune will know why and when and where and how, what needs to be said and obviously for my personal safety and my family I have to be cautious about what I share.

Bryan: What did you see in terms of the Wasatch Wake Up? You mentioned that it occurs early in the morning?

Julie: Yes. I see a full, sunny day with relatively warm weather, actually a little bit unseasonably warm, and then kind of a late night, middle of the night, last minute cold front coming in where they don’t even really give a warning because it’s 3 in the morning, people are asleep. There’s a little bit of snow, and I see wet snow, so that the morning that people are awakened when the sun comes up after the aftershocks on that initial shake, about 6, 6:30 and people start coming outside in their robes and pajamas, kind of freaked out and they look to survey the damage in their areas, homes and neighborhoods, I see green grass, like a fresh, spring green grass, the roads are wet, there’s been no plowing, it’s wet roads and the grass is wet, not from frost, it’s wet from melting snow and rain, and then small patches of melting snow would be outside of the snow being water and wet. Very, very wet snow, barely turned to snow, most of it is rain and I don’t even remember seeing sleet, it’s not icy like that so much.

Then there’s of course aftershocks and things like that. That’s the initial wake up. We’re talking, not this year but later on, an off the charts 9, 9.5, 10 earthquake that will come later. This one is literally a wake up in the morning, and aftershocks for a couple days initially and then here and there throughout the next year or so.

Bryan: What kind of damage did you observe if any?

Julie: A lot. I saw several people displaced. Thousands of people displaced. Several deaths, and a lot of injuries. Power outages, anywhere from a few hours to 24 to 48, sometimes up to a couple of weeks depending on where people are located. I see damage at airports. I see damage at hospitals, campuses, elementary, middle and high schools as well as just about every college campus. Significant damage there in the Provo-Springville area, as far as the campus. I think since I used to live there I recognize those things a lot more and it’s significant to me and my life. Then the epicenter of the Salt Lake area where it sort of splinters out from there. University hospital right there at the U of U. So, significant [damage]. And this is new information I’ve not been given permission to share previously. Essentially I was told to save it for this interview.

Bryan: It sounds like the damage and loss of life, while they are there, are not significant in the kind like when we hear of a quake in Iran or China or somewhere that kills 40,000 people, but you talk about this being a wake up. Does this wake some people up? Does it push other people further into denial?

Julie: Yes. It’s a sifting. And some people, whether they’ve heard of me or not or will hear of me, some will be friendlier to me and others will be more hostile. It will wake up those it’s meant to wake up, and it will sift those it’s supposed to sift. That might seem harsh to people, but I’m not coming up with that on my own. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an all-inclusive person and I would love for everybody to just live through this and get on to the greater tomorrow here on the planet, but if The Lord’s plan is for someone to pass on or to go through a certain trial, then I am working on accepting that plan. I honestly wrestled with it for a long time, and it’s not my plan, it’s God’s. When I made that decision a long time ago to support Him, that’s my Master so I have to trust in His plan. There is no other choice for me. I trust in His plan because I look at the miracles in my own life, and how many times He saved my life both literally and figuratively, on a spiritual realm and a physical realm, there is no other way for me. Really there is no other way for the rest of us but we can make it harder than it has to be and some of us have to learn the hard way.

Bryan: Are there other events that are worth mentioning or should we focus on this one and make it the center of our attention?

Julie: We’ll make this our focus because this is the Wake up Warning, but I do see, if you’re talking just earthquakes, I go into a little more detail on some of the other radio shows that I’ve done, on my website, and others that I will do, each one is unique as you know; and in the books. But I see the Ring of Fire coming alive, earthquakes all over the planet, more of like we’ve seen but a massive scale, and then eventually both coasts and up through the Madrid fault line essentially making an inland ocean or waterway up through Missouri going up to the Great Lakes. That’s after a lot of other events. In the short term, I see a lot going on with the elections, and I’ve addressed those in other shows and maybe after this earthquake you can have me back on and we’ll go into more of that, because that will be imminent after the earthquake.

Bryan: The next conversation you and I have is going to be an interesting one. On the one hand I’m looking forward to it, on the other hand it’s like, [shudder]. I guess I’ll be brave. You had mentioned this wake up earthquake is a sifting of sorts. I want to come back to this again so people will understand. You are not portending doom and gloom and only bad things are going to happen. You are talking about something happening as a result of God’s love for all of His children and a desire that they all will open their eyes and start to focus on things that are of greater importance. What role does humility play in the lives of those who “wake up”?

Julie: The first thing that came to my mind was the story of Noah and boarding the ark. In his day, for over 120 years, he was called crazy by those closest to him, near and far. He had to endure it for 120 years, I just have to endure it for about 12. Which is just kind of like the law of tithing, ten percent, I don’t know. (Laughs). I am grateful for his mission along with Moses. Some of the other prophets and apostles and those that are not on the record in the scriptures that have not yet come forward and we will learn about later. Joan of Arc is one of my heroes and she’s a dear friend. So many people in history who played an important role in sifting and preparing and whatever it was that was necessary at that time.

In our day, we look at the days of Sodom and Gomorrah being significant, plus the story of Lot, and the Tower of Babel; we’re seeing some things now related to Baal and to Moloch and the Satanists; people need to pay attention to that, it won’t be long before they start to spot the earth with some of their so-called temples. The portals to both light and dark, as we look at the Lord’s temples and places of worship, and other places on the earth like land, where I see literally higher vibrations and cities of light and higher light. If you’re talking basic science, I love science. The light can’t be with dark, but the light dispels the dark. It literally chases it away.

What I see in a greater tomorrow is we go through this hard stuff in life, and it’s kind of like we’re in transition like a woman in travail, and if you’re from a 1 to a 10 we’re getting into the 6 or 7 here, and quickly we’re going to have a new earth and I’m looking forward to that. I don’t have exact time frames of when it’s going to happen and my understanding is it’s a process. Having a greater tomorrow is that we elevate ourselves. We are better people, and the planet is a happier planet. A lighter planet, and on a scientific level, is energized. We’re not just talking about going from having real energy but what I consider and have been shown to be having pure energy and unlimited energy and resources. We’re going from an attitude of scarcity and a mentality of scarcity, and the ultimate scarcity when everything is stripped from us from an EMP and other things for a while, to then The Lord taking that circuit break when you have that blasted, He then is able to, from the ground up, take that same circuit and bring in additional and never-ending light and it’s terrific.

Bryan: The motto on your website, right under your name, it says “Prepare Now.” I’m a huge fan of preparedness. I’ve kind of gone through the cycle of preparedness. There was a time when “preparedness” to me meant “pile all the guns and bullets and survival gear you can.” I’ve since taken on a more well-rounded approach to preparedness and understand there are different levels. There is physical preparedness, there is mental preparedness, and there is spiritual preparedness. I’m hoping in the next segment you to comment on where our efforts might best be spent to prepare.

Julie: I need to say, true preparedness can only come from putting our lives on the line for Christ and He fills in the gaps. When I see pantry closets, if people want to have those food and resources replenished, that can only happen through the light, and I see that happening. The Lord can replenish our energy, our faith, our trust, and our resources, as we allow Him and put our faith in Him. I don’t see any other way. The rest of it is a dead end, if we don’t put our focus on Him, it’s a dead end, whether in this life or the next.

Bryan: It sounds like you’re much less fear-based preparedness and much more of a positive light-based preparedness.

Julie: I would hope so, we’re all working on that, right? I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been afraid at the things I’ve seen coming, but I’m transitioning.

Bryan: Julie on the one hand I have great admiration for you, mainly for the courage you have in sharing this message; I’m also not so jealous of you in the fact that it makes you a bit of a lightning rod for people who want to lash out and tear down so I applaud you on both counts, thanks for having the courage to speak up and thanks for taking the hits for being willing to speak up.

Julie: Thank you. You know I have to tell you, when you said “lightning rod” I had several images come into my mind that I’ve been shown regarding this message and the books and the relief effort I’m working on and all kinds of things. And again I don’t come up with these on my own, I can take no credit. Think fireworks: the lightning rod and fireworks, you’re right there. I’ve also been told and shown it’s going to spread like wildfire. And dominoes, the dominoes are about to start falling. And the whirlwind. So when people think of those scenarios in the literal sense, and then what is the figurative around that, as far as what we’re about to see here pretty soon.

Bryan: I have felt, and I know a lot of other people are feeling, there is a sense in the air that this year is pivotal in many ways. Of course, the dominant story is there is a Presidential election, but that’s a story, it’s not the real pivotal story, and there are so many things poised.

Julie: This is an election like none other in all the wrong ways, and I guess in the right ways depending on who you’re working for, right? What I see is when we get through this yucky stuff, several assassinations that are going to be made and attempted assassinations, and later on full-scale martial law and things like that, what I see in the short term is very dark, what I see in the long term is extremely bright, brighter than we’ve ever had on the planet.

Bryan: Above all, there is a wake up call that is being sounded. You are one of the people that is counseling, “Prepare Now.” I want to ask you to expand a little bit upon that preparedness message. I’m sure you probably get this from people all the time, “Julie, how? How should I prepare?” How do you answer a question that could be answered so broadly?

Julie: The standard answer is “get on your knees and ask the true source,” right? My source is our Father in Heaven and the Savior Jesus Christ, and that needs to be each of our source but for those who don’t know how to do that, it’s a process. The more we do that, the more we turn to Him, then the more He knows we can handle or the more He trusts us with the information He gives us. Then those answers come more quickly and more clearly. It’s a process and it’s not an easy process and it takes work and it takes faith. We have to have a belief that can turn into faith that is an action word. We can’t just sit idly by wanting me or somebody else to give a shortcut answer. Satan can talk in your ear all day long and give you the shortcut answer, and I guarantee you it’s the wrong one.

Bryan: The message you’re sharing today is going to sound very familiar to people of faith, but you made something very clear to me before we went on the air: you do not want people who have no particular religion or for that matter are not LDS or anything, to feel like they are being excluded, or to feel that this only applies to people who go to church.

Julie: Right, this is a message for all of The Lord’s children all over the planet. My relief organization and the stewardship I have there is the United States right now, although I see that expanding within the next decade. But the short term: I’m supposed to focus on the United States and that’s quite honestly more than I feel I can handle right now, but they keep promising me that I’m going to have all of the resources and people in place who have been prepared, for more than a lifetime. I’m encouraged by that, at a minimum, on a physical level, there are things all over the internet that you need to be careful about what you read on preparation, but I would say the very basics if you see a consistent message of, since we’re talking about an earthquake, consistent basics of emergency preps especially earthquakes is a flashlight and tennis shoes by your bed, especially if it happens in the dark which I see as a potential. And then a 72-hour kit, and making sure that you have a way to have some clean water to drink, if you can’t get water from anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks. Several emergency prep sites recommend a minimum of two weeks water supply and a way to purify that water if it’s contaminated or when it’s contaminated. A lot of people get food but then they don’t know what to do with it, or they don’t have the means to utilize it and if you don’t have water, what good is food, right? You’re going to die of [dehydration] before you die of starvation. So the very, very basics.

As we are spiritually preparing, we will then be prompted to specifically prepare. It’s not a one stop shop for everybody. There’s some basic measures that we take. I live in the Midwest and am not going to be on the Wasatch when this earthquake hits. I’ve never lived through an earthquake. I’ve been in volcano situations, and I’ve been in hurricanes and golf ball [hail] storms, and near tornado situations, but I’ve never actually experienced an earthquake. I’ve seen them coming enough, and I’ve been guided, but it’s a different deal when we are preparing in theory, compared to when we’re actually living it. We do the best we can to prepare, and then our greatest learning is on the spot a lot of the time, and on that spot training, if you want to make sure you know what to do in an emergency, you make sure the channels of communication are clear from the source. You’re not listening to my voice or anyone else’s; you are listening to the source which is God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, and this is not a message for any one faith: this is for everybody, non-believer and believer alike. I see those who are not of any faith right now, many of which will be awakened and humbled to fulfill their life’s mission, whether it’s of a certain official faith or not. Others down the road, that are or have been affiliated with a certain denomination or faith and having a change of heart, and it goes both ways with people within and without certain faiths.

And political affiliations. What I see going forward in the future after we get through the tribulation is the bridges have been burned and they are then rebuilt, in both a literal and a figurative sense of the word. When the dam breaks loose, then there’s a cleansing of living water and we repair the bridges and we repair the dam, and that’s where the healing comes. I look forward to that. I know we have to live in the now, and we don’t have to wait for tomorrow to have happiness and true joy. We can do it right now by putting our fear away and getting our closets cleaned out and getting right with The Lord. Then we know that no matter what happens to us, we are going to make it, it’s going to be okay, we will be strong enough to accomplish whatever it is we need to do in our lives for who we are and what we are meant to become. What I see is we are all meant to become much more than any of us give credit.

Bryan: You mean that on a very individualized basis?

Julie: Yes. Every single one. Yes. People living in the islands who have never ever heard of Christ at all, or any kind of official plan, the people living in the Middle East, the people living in China, people living in Russia… You know, we’re going to have the Chinese and the Russians and a lot of other members of the U.N. take over this country for a while or try to: they’re not the true enemy. They’re being vehicles of the guy that’s organizing this both on the land and on the other side of the veil.

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Bryan: …An earthquake happening along the Wasatch Front. Julie, when you say “imminent,” we’re not talking the 50 years like geologists say?

Julie: We’re talking any day. Like, soon. Any day.

Bryan: Given the weather patterns; I mean, you described the kind of weather that you saw, and just the weather patterns that we have seen throughout the state here within just the past few days… it’s really interesting.

Julie: A bright sunshiny day, I see kind of full sun almost, a bright sunshiny day, and a last minute unexpected cold front that comes through bringing a little bit of snow. There’s details on my website, I’ve just been able to give a few, I can’t go into all of them, and we mentioned a little bit earlier in the show. Julie Rowe Prepare dot com, if you can’t remember my website just type in Julie Rowe, and recognize that the majority of what’s on there right now are a lot of hit pieces, but if you go to Julie Rowe Prepare, you’ll get the truth, and you’ll get it from the source of my own mouth and not from people that are so-called friends, family, or acquaintances who are claiming they know me or have other agendas.

Bryan: I have found that sometimes the “experts” on a given person or a given ideology or religion: the loudest ones are seldom the ones you would really want to talk to. For instance, if I wanted to know, “Hey tell me the history of the Catholics,” I would not go to a Ku Klux Klansman. He would have a lot to tell me, but it would not necessarily reflect reality.

Julie: Correct. And what I see after this earthquake and the whirlwind of media and frenzy that’s going to come with my name being known for good or ill, depending on who you are, is some so-called “friends” that are going to claim some things that are not true, and then other friends who are going to come forward in my defense whether that be in the media or on Facebook or elsewhere, and I want to thank those true friends in advance for what I see you doing for me. And for those who are going to struggle with that: I forgive you in advance.

Bryan: So I’m going to throw this question at you, I know it’s kind of a weird one. I want to just get right to the heart of the matter so people can hear from your own mouth: What’s in this for you? To speak this message, to write these books, to create a website, to be the voice of warning here, what’s in it for Julie Rowe?

Julie: I’ll tell you, it’s a layered answer. The first thing that came to my mind was the people who said I’m in it for the money. All the money I’ve made has gone to support my family, to be able to relocate to a safe place after going public, or to pay for some bills for my husband taking a 50% pay cut to be able to do that; to buying supplies that are going to help survivors. So that’s where my money’s gone, and future money for the book and any funding that comes in for the Greater Tomorrow, or relief organization GTRF, which you can find the link at the bottom of my website, all of that is going towards preparations for what I see with the upcoming calamities, and it’s going to feed many of the people that are listening to the show right now.

Bryan: So that lavish jet-set lifestyle that some may be envisioning, is not exactly what you’re doing?

Julie: Well, if I have to take a jet, it’s not because I want to, it’s because I’ve got to get somewhere fast and it’s too dangerous for me to be flying on a regular plane, and I will be buying that myself if I have to do it. It’s not going to come out of somebody else’s pocket that is accusing me of having an ulterior motive. I don’t have any plans to buy a jet, so if anybody happens to hear of that in the future: I never bought a jet. I need to be honest because that’s going to come back to bite me, and the reason I say that is because I have seen that potentially I will have some friends that have promised to help me out if I need to get somewhere safely due to already how dangerous it is for me, and increasingly so in the next year, how dangerous it will be for me to travel. I have nothing to hide, I really don’t and people will see that more and more. When I get in front of the camera for the first time, and that creates a whirlwind and they can see and they can look in my eyes, they’ll realize they can put those lie detector and body studies to see if she’s telling the truth, and I guarantee I will pass the test.

Bryan: I want to come back to the Wasatch Wake Up. Since this is relevant to everybody within the sound of our voices. Did you see, or were you able to ascertain, of the people involved, the people throughout the State of Utah and surrounding area, is there a percentage that you can put on the number that actually do wake up verses the ones that just kind of harden their hearts and dig in even deeper?

Julie: I haven’t tried to put a percentage on this immediate earthquake wake up, but what I see is later on where there are some invitations to gather or some other opportunities for people to go to places of safety, I see it coming in waves, and initially a very, very small percentage, like 0.1 percent will actually go to places to start preparing, kind of like our relief organization is because they know of stuff coming, and they will be the ones that will kind of lead the way and help prepare places for others that will come as refugees. I myself will one day be a refugee. I know that, I’ve seen it, and I’ve already met all of the individuals who will be helping me escape from some very dangerous experiences. I thank them in advance and one day when you see me, you remind me that I knew this, no matter how hard it is. I see great things because The Lord has a plan, and it’s a transition plan, and we don’t all transition at the same time.

Bryan: What do you wish more people understood about themselves? From your vantage point, you have seen things that most people don’t get to see, what do you wish people understood that they might better understand themselves?

Julie: I appreciate that question. You asked what’s in it for me. What’s in it for me is that I love The Lord, I love my Father in Heaven, and I love my brothers and sisters, and that means everybody on the planet. There’s some people that I don’t care for, that I don’t necessarily like and don’t like what they’re doing, but I’m working very hard to love them and to have charity. That’s what’s in it for me. To be able to serve The Lord and to serve other people, to help them awaken to the reality of the situation of who they are as a son or daughter of God in a very literal sense. Of their divine origin. To literally shake off and break the shackles and the bind that have tethered us and shackled us so that we can’t see clearly our divine worth and our divine origin. If people could come to the understanding, and I myself as I am more awakened to that reality, it gives us the ultimate power and freedom because we realize that we have the power to create just like our Father. We create our lives. We create our lives now and we create our future. That’s what I see.

Bryan: It sounds like some of the challenges that lie ahead, that you were shown, some would say, “It’s a punishment this is the fist of a vengeful God smashing those who have displeased Him.” From what you’re describing though, I hear something a little bit different. It sounds to me like it is an opportunity for us not only to humble ourselves if we choose to and to clarify our focus ourselves on what really matters, but also a chance to really learn to love our fellow man, and stop focusing on all the things that right now are officially dividing us.

Julie: Right. We’re on this earth and we think death is something awful, physical death. It’s not; it’s a transition to another world and a better place. This life that we have here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn clearly what we call the School of Hard Knocks. It’s our opportunity to learn and to grow, and to have our eyes opened, and it’s a painful process. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I often think I wish I could have a shortcut; can’t we just skip all this yucky stuff, can’t we just go ahead and be exalted? Can’t we just go ahead and be saved and go back to our Heavenly Home and get on with the good stuff? What I’m continually being reminded of is that spiritual pain is far more lasting and devastating than any kind of physical pain. When we come to the realization that this is a continuum, that life isn’t over when we pass through to the other side of the veil; that we continue on to other realms, and other lives… and I’m not talking reincarnation, that’s a false doctrine; but other glorious days ahead? That’s what begins to awaken the reality of who we really are and what our potential is, and it’s unlimited. It’s unlimited. That’s what I keep hearing: unlimited, infinite Atonement, unlimited potential.

Bryan: I appreciate that we ended on a tone of hope, and I appreciate you sticking your neck out as you’ve done today. Thank you so much for being on the program.

Julie: Thank you Bryan, I appreciate you and look forward to talking to you again soon, it’s going to be good.

Bryan: Our next interview is going to be a humdinger. I’m looking forward to it.

Julie: Appreciate it. Have a great day.