Mormon Family Massacre

It is with heartfelt concern that I post this video. I am so sorry for those who have been, are, and will be victimized by these awful situations.

In an effort to wake you up to the state of affairs in our country and in our world I plead with you to prepare yourselves for further injury and unrest from the dark side. It is imperative that you get food, water, and other preparations in order.

It is imperative that you set your houses in order. It won’t be long until our country is in full blown war. I see massacre coming from the south and from the north. From within and from without. Above and below. The east and the west.

I see uprisings from Mexico and invasions from the UN, cartels, government agencies and individuals. I see huge shifts in 2020 and massive monumental shifts on a global scale in 2021.

When you see me shift and hear me announce my plans on air this is another cue. It is a big marker in the road.

Take action now. Do not delay. The enemy is in our midst and will soon rise to greater heights, yet we will prevail. You need not fear darkness for the light sees in darkness and overcomes.

Have faith. Be not troubled. Put your trust in your God and look forward to a Greater Tomorrow. Though the battle is raging, we will be victorious.

Ephesians 6:11

Julie Rowe