Remembering Mills

I learned today that my friend Mills Crenshaw passed away last night from flu complications. It saddens me to hear this news and my heart goes out to his family and many friends who are grieving right now. I just want to express my condolences and share my gratitude for Mills and the great person that he was, and still is. I will be forever grateful for him in my life and the role he has played. Without him I may have never had the courage to go on other radio shows, or go forward in the public light quite the way that I needed to.

Mills is an amazing man who will be greatly missed. For all who knew him and for those who will yet know him, I express my heartfelt love and gratitude for the life he led, and for the courage he had to be honest, direct and forthright on his broadcasts. He was a true and valiant servant in sharing my story and never wavered in his faith in the plan, or in his belief in the importance of trusting in God, who loves us each individually and fully.

Thank you, Mills Crenshaw! You will be missed. We love you!

Julie Rowe