Seeking Feedback from Julie’s Speaking Events

To whom it may concern:

We are seeking written accounts of some of the special circumstances surrounding any of the 22 speaking events Julie Rowe participated in from 2014-2015 for record keeping purposes.

If you attended one or more of these events and had a special experience, or had a special witness of some kind, we are asking you to write about it and send it in. Or if you know someone else who had such an experience, we encourage you to pass this request on to them.

Please reply by email to with the word “Witness” in the subject line. Keep your remarks brief (300-600 words), and include the following:

1. The name and date of the event you attended (see table of events below)
2. Your name, or state if you’d like to remain anonymous
3. And please state if you are willing to have your remarks published

We know there are many who had special experiences, and encourage them to participate in this special record keeping project. Thank you for your participation!

Kaysville Ut July 15, 2014
Logan Tabernacle July 17, 2014
South Jordan Residence July 20, 2014
Mesa, AZ Interstake Building August 23, 2014
Aurora Illinois Suburb Residence September 26, 2014
Chicago Residence September 27, 2014
Springville Book Signing November 7, 2014
Seattle Stake Center January 7, 2015
Little Elm Texas Stake Center February 6, 2015
Dallas Suburb Residence February 7, 2015
Cameron Missouri Community Center February 21, 2015
Dixie Convention Center March 7, 2015
Fayetville Tennesee Courthouse April 10, 2015
Boston May 9, 2015
Boston Veterans Association May 10, 2015
Burke Virginia Residence June 6, 2015
Annapolis Maryland Suburb June 7, 2015
Mount Pleasant Ut June 19, 2015
Weber State Ogden, Ut June 22, 2015
Castle Rock July 5, 2015
Fort Collins July 7, 2015
Rexburg Idaho July 25, 2015