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Q: How can I request an interview with Julie Rowe, or ask her questions?

A: Please send all media requests to, and please include your media organization and contact information.  Because of Julie’s schedule, only a limited number of interviews will be possible.  Specific questions for Julie will be addressed usually by email, as expeditiously as possible, with most requests being answered the day they are asked.

We encourage media to first review the extensive information already available (see links below), and sincerely thank you for your time and efforts.  Julie wants you to know that you—as your public’s media representative—play an important role, as part of a higher plan, to truly save lives and decrease future suffering.  It is not random chance that you have been assigned to this story.

Q: Who is Julie Rowe?

A: Julie is a wife and mother of three and lives near Kansas City, KS.  In virtually every way, she was just your average young mother when she had a near-death experience in 2004.  While the hospital records showed she was sleeping for two days, Julie’s spirit visited a heavenly realm, where she was tutored and then instructed to keep silent about what she learned until about nine earth-years had passed.  Her strong desire to be a private person is only outweighed by her desire to fulfill a particular mission assigned to her from God.  This is the sole reason—and all she hopes to gain—for taking on this mission.  Also see, and podcasts #16, “Keeping it Real with Julie,” #6, “Getting to Know Julie Rowe,” and #15 “Julie’s Fortune and Fame.”

Julie would like her message to be as little about her as possible.  She assumes no official title, and asks that grandiose references not be used (e.g. “prophetess,” “oracle,” etc.)  This is because God is the source of her knowledge and she would like the attention to be directed to Him—that this is His message to His children on earth.  She also does not claim that she is entirely unique as a messenger, but acknowledges that many have been given a similar charge by God, and affirms that, ultimately, every human being may receive God’s tailored direction in their lives.  Please incorporate this in your stories to the extent possible.

Q: What is Julie’s mission?

A: Julie feels that it is her mission to testify of the plan God has for his children, to warn them of troubled times ahead, and to witness of a greater tomorrow following those troubled times. She has also said publicly that it is her mission to “open and heal the hearts of the children of men”.

Q: What are her messages?

A: Julie believes that God loves His children; That He has a plan for them; That He wants his children to turn to Him and His son, Jesus Christ. Also, see podcast #26, “The Message.”

Q: Is Julie’s message only meant for those that believe the Bible?  What of other faiths… of atheists?

A: Individual beliefs are irrelevant to the need for everyone to prepare in the ways they feel inspired.  One doesn’t need to believe biblical prophecy to recognize that natural disasters have been increasing, that wars are looming, that the economy is fragile, etc.  Faith in God has always been, and will be an important source of strength in the trials ahead.  But even without this, every individual can do something to prepare, and no head of household should relinquish the responsibility they have to ensure the welfare of their loved ones.

Q: Where can someone go to learn more about what Julie says about the future?

A: The only authorized online sources of information by Julie Rowe are her website (, her relief fund site (, and her podcast, “The Julie Rowe Show,” and her new YouCaring fundraiser, available at the following links:

Q: What does Julie foresee for my area?

A: Please see her book, “From Tragedy to Destiny: A Vision of America’s Future,” which gives a detailed outline of events that will soon come.  Also see her podcast, #32, “Tribulations 101.” Other podcasts detail events in specific geographic areas, including the West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast United States.

Q: How many books has Julie sold?

A: As of early September 2017, her three books have combined to sell 65,000 copies throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  For a description of her books, see

Q: Does Julie employ a staff of workers?

A: Currently, all assistance is voluntary, and 100% of donations are used to support essential mission tasks.  As a natural consequence of the increased attention after the “Wasatch Wakeup” earthquake, it’s anticipated that resources and requests for assistance will grow substantially—likely necessitating the compensation of a small staff.

Q: What makes her relief fund—Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund (GTRF)—better or different than others?

A: It’s similar to others because it is a non-profit 501c3 humanitarian relief organization.  It is different because of what Julie knows is coming.  Knowing that a disaster is coming beforehand, GTRF is able to pre-position supplies for those who will need it, even years in advance.  This also ensures all resources will be used efficiently.  And they will be used not just at sites of major catastrophe (though they will), but also to support smaller groups, such as future refugees migrating across the country.  For more information, please visit, and podcasts #8, “The Gathering and GTRF,” and #18, “Upcoming GTRF Initiatives.”