The Julie Rowe Show:

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Below you will find the transcriptions to Julie’s podcasts. These transcriptions were generously created by Julie’s listeners, and are a work in progress:

Preparing a People:

  1. August 3, 2017 – Julie Rowe and Shawn Littlebear (Opens  in PodOmatic)



  1. The Wasatch Wakeup & “The Big One”
  2. Signs In The Heavens
  3. Spiritual Gifts
  4. Overpowering Evil
  5. Getting to Know Julie
  6. What I See in the Western States
  7. What I See In the Southwestern US
  8. The Gathering and GTRF
  9. Learning of Christ
  10. Safety In the Callout
  11. Young Adults in the Last Days
  12. Impromptu Discussion On Prayer
  13. What I See in the Midwest
  14. How I Receive Revelation
  15. Julie’s Fortune and Fame
  16. Keeping it Real with Julie