Spring Cleaning for the Body and Soul


It’s spring! The entire northern hemisphere celebrates new life, regeneration, and the rush of fresh oxygen created by the kiss of warm sunshine upon sprouting plants and tender leaves. It’s a time for butterflies to crawl out of their cocoons and for people to open up their windows and invite spring into their homes. The season inspires us to remove the dust, clutter, and drab reminders of winter, creating a feeling of newness indoors as well as out.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of the significant events in history have occurred in spring. It was on a spring morning that a 14-year old boy sought solitude in a grove of trees to pray. It was the shepherds watching their spring-time flocks that witnessed the birth of Jesus. And it was during the spring that the Savior of the world washed us clean and was resurrected; bringing new life to all of humanity.

Spring “Cleaning”

When I think of spring cleaning I don’t always wax poetic about “spring” since the operative word here is “cleaning.” I see planning, assigning, and a lot of hard work. You can actually download several spring cleaning checklists on the Internet, each averaging 125 – 150 specific, arduous tasks that you must complete before you can say “I’m done.”

I don’t have that kind of energy any more, but then I also don’t associate spring cleaning with just my house. I feel more compelled to become clean, body and soul. I sometimes look at the clutter in my soul and wonder where to start. The list I begin compiling seems endless. But then I pause and listen. The list is really simple.

Samuel of the Old Testament exhorted Israel to “prepare your hearts unto the Lord.” That is a pretty good checklist. When we clean and purify our hearts unto the Lord, we prepare ourselves to do his will, take on difficult tasks, and even establish Zion. A clean heart is ready to forgive and be forgiven.

Spring Cleaning For Your Body

Our Heavenly Father gave us a spring cleaning list called the Word of Wisdom back when many people were confused about the toxins and contaminants that could destroy our bodies. It has helped the saints overcome physical harm and has preserved their hearts to accomplish the work of the Lord. I suppose our Father expected us to be wise and add to that list of do’s and don’ts according to the additional light and knowledge we have received regarding health.

We know that certain foods aren’t good for us and that other foods can heal and help reclaim our health. We also have a greater understanding of the connection between our physical health and our emotions and mental health. One important truth that was revealed nearly 500 years ago to a faithful doctor was that we are only as healthy as our arteries and veins. Like the Word of Wisdom, modern science has proven this to be true. Spring cleaning for your cardiovascular system is vital for your health. Your healthy heart, veins, and arteries, like the sun and trees mentioned above, deliver oxygen to every cell in your body, allowing you to fully revel in the essence of spring.

True To The Faith

As foretold in the scriptures we are living in a day when men’s (and women’s) hearts are failing them. (Literally and figuratively) We don’t know all of the physical challenges that await us but we should prepare our hearts physically through diet, exercise, and even supplements to be able to “put our shoulders to the wheel” not just in a song but to an actual wheel.

In these days of preparation, I truly believe we need to do all we can to prepare ourselves “soul, heart, and hand” for the days ahead. I know I have a long way to go before I have my physical strength back to where it needs to be. However, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I am doing everything I can to become clean, “every whit.”

For “spring cleaning” helps and tips, please check out my resource page by clicking here. I suggest you read about my own experience with an oxygen maximizing supplement called Cardio Miracle.