Thank you!

Thank you to those who hosted me in St. George this past weekend, and thank you to all who came on Saturday night.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Had we not made a last minute venue change to the Dixie Center, there is no way we could have accommodated the large crowd.  As it was, we had over 1000 people there and standing room only.  People sitting on the floor on the sides and in the isles.  Because the room we were in had glass walls all around, people were able to stand and sit out in the hallways listening as well.  It was a packed room – in more ways than one – but there was a great spirit there.  Many lessons to be learned from this event and I am still trying to process everything I saw, felt, heard and sensed.

It was incredible. Truly amazing. Life altering.  Faith promoting. Very telling. Insightful.

I am not talking about what I said/shared that night. I am talking about those who were there.  Those who were with us. Those in attendance.  Those who intervened.  Those who were charitable.  Those who were examples.  Those who were gathered.

It was a type and a shadow of things to come.  Symbolic.  Representative.  An opportunity for those in attendance, myself included, to have a chance to step back, take stock of where we are, and evaluate where we need to go and what we need to do.

It was an opportunity for us to see things as they really are, and in some ways, an example of how things may be.  Crowded.  Perhaps not the most comfortable.  Trying.  A myriad of other life lessons all packed into one simple evening.

I am grateful for the lessons. I am grateful for the revelations. I am humbled by the experience.

I am motivated to be better. I am determined to press forward. I am dedicated to the task.  I am committed to the end.

God is good!