The Christmas Light Bulb

During the early 1990’s, a caring Kansas church ward busily planned its annual Christmas service project.  A relief agency provided names and addresses of families and children who, without help, would have no Christmas.  Excited ward members adopted these families and purchased clothes, toys, and food for delivery on Christmas Eve.  As one family headed out to deliver their gifts, the little daughter insisted that they had to take a light bulb.  The father said it really wasn’t necessary as they had lots of presents to take.  The little girl stood firm, insisting that they HAD to take a light bulb! The patient dad wrapped one up to take along, hoping it wouldn’t break.

They arrived with their gifts, greeted the family and entered a very simple home, with very few furnishings.  The gifts were placed on the floor as there was no table.  The family began opening the gifts, when all of a sudden, their little boy began wildly jumping up and down, shouting out, “A light bulb! A light bulb! I got a light bulb!” Not the gift one would usually think to give, but to this boy it was the Very Best Gift.  You see, the family only had one light bulb for their entire home.  It was moved from room to room as the family needed, but rarely into the little boy’s room.  But now, he had his very own light bulb!  His room would no longer be dark. The pure heart of a little girl knew what was needed, but missing.

It’s not unusual for tears still to come as this story is remembered each Christmas season.  A little boy’s need for light was known with a certainty by a precious little girl.  We too can know, with a certainty, whether it’s a light bulb, loving kindness, forgiveness or a knowledge of the Gospel that someone needs.  It may be within our own families, so hold them tight.

May this be a joyous Christmas for you and your loved ones, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and the source of all Light.

The Board of Directors, GTRF