The City of Light – Greater Tomorrow Chap. 3

“We crossed through an opening in the wall.  Instantly I could see there were cities in the distance.  I asked what they were and who lived there.  I was told that these were Cities of Light.

We walked toward one of the cities. I say walked, because at first we started walking toward them, but then we were almost instantly there at the entrance of one of the Cities of Light.  We walked along a brick or cobblestone street.  On both sides of the street I saw buildings with people busy at work inside, as if I could see through the walls of the buildings.

Outside many of the buildings were rectangular as well as rounded pots of gorgeous flowers.  There were signs out front some of the buildings.  Although they were not written in English, I could read and understand what they said.  One of the signs said, “Office of the Recorder.”  Another sign said, “Office of the President.”  Some buildings were for “business purposes,” and others were residences.”

— A Greater Tomorrow, Chapter 3, Cities of Light, Pgs. 21-22.