The God of Self

“You may easily know whether you are a child of Truth or a worshiper of self, if you will silently examine your mind, heart, and conduct. 

Do you harbor thoughts of suspicion, enmity, envy, lust, pride, or do you strenuously fight against these?  If the former, you are chained to self, no matter what religion you may profess; if the latter, you are a candidate for Truth, even though outwardly you may profess no religion. 

Are you passionate, self-willed, ever seeking to gain your own ends, self-indulgent, and self-centered; or are you gentle, mild, unselfish, quit of every form of self-indulgence, and are ever ready to give up your own?  If the former, self is your master; if the latter, Truth is the object of your affection. 

Do you strive for riches?  Do you fight, with passion, for your party?  Do you lust for power and leadership?  Are you given to ostentation and self-praise?  Or have you given up the love of riches?  Have you relinquished all strife?  Are you content to take the lowest place, and to be passed by unnoticed?  And have you ceased to talk about yourself and to regard yourself with self-complacent pride?  If the former, even though you may imagine you worship God, the god of your heart is self.  If the latter, even though you may withhold your lips from worship, you are dwelling with the Most High.”

James Allen. The Way of Peace, chapter 2