The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund

“As conditions in the United States worsen due to natural disasters and civil unrest, millions of innocent people will be affected. They may be forced to leave their homes, taking with them only those items they can carry.

The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund has been established in preparation for such situations. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. A network of volunteers have been organized in communities across the United States to help those in need.

Any donations will be used to buy supplies and other items needed for disaster relief efforts. These items will be stored at secure locations across the United States, ready to be distributed when needed. These goods and services will serve the poor, the weak, the homeless, and the hungry.

These supplies are mainly non-perishable items such as coats, shoes, and other clothing. Bedding and temporary shelters are also being stored, along with items found in typical hygiene relief kits, as well as comfort items for children.

The Relief Fund will operate primarily by coordinating with local contacts when a disaster or event disrupts a community. The fund does not intend to replace or duplicate local community relief organizations that have been in place for many years. If a relief project is undertaken that aligns with our mission, we may choose to assist and coordinate with other organizations.


– Relieve suffering especially during community unrest and natural disasters
– Administer relief to the sick and afflicted
– Provide food, clothing, shelter and other life sustaining assistance
– Provide opportunities for others to serve in a volunteer capacity
– Coordinate relief efforts with other community organizations


– Organize the efforts of many who desire to serve
– Show love by aiding our brothers and sisters, especially children, in their time of need
– Provide a charitable organization to accomplish the Mission

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