The Importance of having Faith…

Faith is critical.  Trust in our Father in Heaven and in His plan is critical.  Obedience to the Lord’s commandments and to His servants the Prophets is critical.  We need to be doing all we can to live worthy of His spirit and to learn and know how to discern truth and to be able to make correct choices.

We are not alone.  We are not alone!  We have more help and assistance than one could even imagine.

No matter the opposition, we need to stand tall and stand in Holy Places.  No matter how unpopular it may be, we need to stand firm in our convictions of what we know to be true and what we know we need to do.

No matter how difficult it may seem and no matter how much adversity we may face, we must be diligent in our resolve to follow the teachings of the Living Prophets.  There are no short cuts in life.  We must all press forward, moving upward and onward, willing to do whatever it is the Lord asks us to do.

It is the small and simple things in life that bring us our greatest treasures and joy.  It is through obedience to the Laws and Ordinances of the Gospel that we find true joy and happiness and eventually our eternal salvation.  It is because of our faith in the Living God and in His Son Jesus Christ that we are and will be able endure the trials and adversities that beset us.

Let us step forward in faith, knowing who we are and what we can accomplish.  Let us put our trust and faith in He who is over all.  The Great Master Teacher.  The Orchestrator.  The Creator.  The Son of God.  Our Elder Brother and Redeemer, even Jesus Christ.

For it is by Him, and of Him, and through Him that all things are possible.  He has paid the price of sin and He has given us the gift of the atonement.  The price has already been paid.  Let us not neglect to accept the gracious gift of love and life He has so lovingly bestowed upon us.  We are forever in His debt.

Let us be found worthy to one day stand in His presence.  It is by small and simple things that great things may come to pass.

The Lord loves us.  Our Father loves us.  They want to help us on our journey home.  Let’s accept the gift.

—  Julie