The Lake

From A Greater Tomorrow, Chapter 2, pg 11-12.

” I walked with John across this beautiful field, and we came upon the most incredibly beautiful lake.  It was crystal clear and of a silvery blue color that sparkled in the bright sunlight.  We stood together on the shore, and John encouraged me to gaze into the water.

In the lake I could see all manner of fish swimming around.  There were varieties I have never before seen on this earth  There were varieties of every kind in several different sizes, shapes, and species.  The lake was so clear but so deep that it went beyond my vision and I could not see the bottom – as if it went on and on forever.

The water was seemingly alive, and the fish and other organisms that lived in this lake were full of energy and intelligence. I felt as if they were communicating with me.  I could sense that they too felt the love and peace that I felt.

It quickly became apparent to me that every living thing, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the animals – all that I saw – were able to communicate with me and with each other telepathically.  There was a feeling of true joy and completion emanating from the water and from the intelligences all around me.  It was exquisite.  It was made known to me that this was Living Water.”

—  Julie