The Puppet Masters

“The true puppet masters live comfortably at their headquarters in Switzerland. Do you realize Switzerland has not fought a foreign war since its neutrality was established by the Treaty of Paris in 1815? The country is a safe haven for these conspiring men and women who orchestrate this havoc across the world.

They encourage government corruption and cover-ups, and the manipulation of national leaders through blackmail and threats of murder. They are also behind the United Nations “peacekeeping” forces that will soon be a visible component in every western nation.

In the United States, the U.N. peacekeepers will assist the federal government in suppressing and controlling the people. They will start with simple tactics such as road blocks, check points, and “justifiable” home searches to develop a cautionary mindset among the people.

These tactics will put the peacekeepers in position to clamp down on the citizens when the U.S. president declares martial law. This is a planned takeover that begins with gentle persuasion, then coercion, then lethal force against anyone who puts up a fight. This will include the microchip implants that will be able to track the citizen’s locations and even their actions.

The U.S. court system will cease to exist. Decisions will be made rapidly without an appeal. Debtor’s prisons will be reinstated. I saw people killed in grotesque ways, including execution-style, shootings and even beheadings by these “peacekeepers.”

— “From Tragedy to Destiny,” Julie Rowe.