Just a reminder that Julie Rowe is teaching an In-Person Group Energy class in Salt Lake on Saturday, Oct. 24,2020. Registration starts at 9 am and class starts at 10 am. We have an hour lunch break from 12 noon to 1 pm MST. Then resume class after lunch until 5 pm. There is a meet and greet, mix and mingle after class from 5-6 pm. Bring plenty of your own water to drink as well as snacks and a lunch. You also need to bring your own mask. We will be eating and drinking throughout the day so it is important you brings things to eat and water to drink.

We can’t stress this enough.

This class will include clearing trapped energies, clearing negative emotion, clearing poisons, toxins, chemicals, vaccines, energy weapons, biological weapons, pandemics such as Covid and plague, viruses, bacterias, fungal infections etc. It will also include DNA work, protein coding work, portals, chakras, meridians, magnetics, energy blocks, third eye, hearing, seeing, feeling. Additionally we will discuss blueprints, SOL healing, Soul retrieval, rescue, clear abuse energy, addictions, mental health, autoimmune, EBV, Lyme, work on cancer causing issues, root work, generational, inherited, pre-mortal, past lives (MMP), regression, time and space overlap, pre natal, natal, pre conception, conception, and life energies.

This is just a small portion of what we will discuss and clear that day. Additionally Julie will share more about what she sees for 2021 through 2030 including specifics on Agenda 21, Agenda 30, UN Agendas and The Big Picture. To include the Wasatch Wakeup, Great Madrid, Ring of Fire and more. Join us for an intense but very educational life changing event on Saturday, Oct. 24,2020. You can register on Julies Acuity Scheduling page. Julie is offering this at a discounted price of $300 through Oct. 16 then the tickets will go to $475 for late comers. Venue location and other details for this event will be emailed to attendees a few days prior to the event.